In The Night

from by INKA

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we’re both waiting here
but we won’t talk to each other
is the presence enough
almost like a touch

can you see me right here
waiting under the covers
could you push little letters
to make me feel better?

two am for a spark on the screen
but I’m waiting for nothing
cause on your side of things
there’s a violent party
and you’re checking the scene
for the girls
who only message in the night

i gave into the light
and I’m two hours over
how come i never surrender
to the dreams where you lie

three am and I’m losing my team
I’m the only one left
but for your little green
and you’re talking to them
you’re not talking to me
oh your girls
who only message in the night

give it to me baby
say something mundane
& then let me tell you
‘bout the fire in my brain
this insomnia’s killer
but its making me shy
give me something to sleep for
give me phrases to try

four am
and a spark on the screen
why you up at this hour
i just got back from queen
there was a hell of a party
if you know what I mean
and the girls...

and you say that you’d thought it be alright
to talk
to the girl
who’ll only message in the night


from Wannabe, released April 28, 2015



all rights reserved



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